About Us

RODOLF & TODD, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is an AV rated law firm specializing in civil litigation.  We are trial lawyers, nearly all of whom are former prosecutors whose trial experience was acquired long before entering the field of civil litigation.  Having specialized in a variety of practice areas since the inception of the firm, there are few risk-based scenarios confronting our clients that we have not seen and dealt with before.  Consequently, we pride ourselves on our ability to mount a rapid and effective response to litigation, regardless of the area of practice at issue.

In order to enhance our effectiveness, we have networked with an active and effective group of defense attorneys throughout the country who also maintain a national practice.  Using these connections, we are able to exchange detailed information regarding plaintiffs’ attorneys and their experts, as well as assist each other in securing first rate expert consultants to help defend our clients.

Because our defense is open to a multi-state region, we are accustomed to successfully defending and trying catastrophic injury cases in hostile “foreign” venues.  We’ve been doing it for years in places like South Florida, West Virginia, South Texas and Las Vegas.  Our approach to the defense of our clients is more aggressive than passive.  We do not advocate “reacting” as a sound method of defending a claim against one of our clients.  We believe that such a defense has the effect of ceding control of the course of the litigation to the plaintiffs’ attorneys, and we never want to relinquish control. Instead, we are more “attack oriented.”  It is our objective to ensure that when a case is concluded, the plaintiffs’ attorney will consider very carefully the advisability of ever suing our client again.   

The best references we can provide come from our clients.  We will be pleased to provide contact information should a prospective client wish to inquire further into our effectiveness.