Partner - stephen j. rodolf (Retired)

Practice Areas

  •  Medical Malpractice Defense                 
  •  Healthcare Law
(J.D. University of Oklahoma, 1979). Stephen Rodolf was a former prosecutor, public defender and district judge before becoming a hospital defense lawyer in 1985. Rodolf is one of the members of the firm whose practice extends nationwide.  He has defended hospitals throughout Oklahoma, as well as Kansas, Utah and the high risk venues of South Texas, West Virginia, New Mexico, Florida and Nevada.  Although all of the members of the firm are experienced in defending a wide variety of medical and nursing scenarios, Rodolf has special expertise in defending claims involving neurological injury to newborns.  He has successfully tried catastrophic obstetric injury cases in venues in which runaway jury verdicts were the rule rather than the exception.  In addition, he has presented seminars to hospital risk management and staff on topics such as electronic fetal heart monitoring, neonatal resuscitation, record-keeping and “The nurse/physician as witness.”   Rodolf has been a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers since 1997.  He and his good friend, Terry Todd, have been practicing together since they graduated from law school in 1979.  Both have long believed that if you merely react to the plaintiff, you cannot hope to control the course of the litigation.  And outcomes in litigation, as elsewhere, are frequently determined by the party in control. Stephen passionately and tirelessly devoted himself to the defense of medical practitioners until his retirement in April, 2022.