Practice Areas

General Civil Practice

Disputes happen.  When they do, our first order of business is to assist our client in defining its objectives, recognizing and evaluating the risks it faces, and identifying the best options to achieve the desired end-game.  The client’s goals become the foundation of our litigation strategy and remain our focus through final resolution.  Our success in representing clients in litigation is not merely the product of the courtroom skills of our trial lawyers.  We lay the groundwork for success in each case by developing an in-depth understanding of our client, its business, history and ambitions.  Rodolf & Todd believes that the approach to any dispute – whether with a competitor, business partner, employee, regulator, or others – is best assessed and addressed from a perspective that encompasses the totality of our client’s goals. Our litigation practice is deep.  The firm’s litigation teams are trial-ready, poised to represent clients in complex ligation, multistate actions, arbitrations and other legal proceedings.  The depth of our litigation practice extends to talented support staff well versed in electronic discovery and cutting edge courtroom technology.   

Integrity in the pursuit of our client’s interests is a Rodolf & Todd priority.  Our trial lawyers are highly respected by courts and clients alike.  We have worked hard to earn that respect and are committed to maintain our excellent reputations as counsel known as much for our integrity as for our advocacy.  Our clients are proud to be represented by us.

Trials in all State and Federal Courts

The experience of the attorneys at Rodolf & Todd is our clients’ advantage.  Our attorneys are fluent both in the vocabulary of our clients’ lines of business and in the mechanics of the local legal systems.  Intimate knowledge of the many local jurisdictions in which our trial lawyers practice develops instincts for devising strategies that are most likely to succeed.  In addition to local jurisdictions, our attorneys represent clients in venues of every type – including federal and state trial courts, federal and state appellate courts, and federal and local administrative hearings and other agency proceedings.  Our breadth of experience in a wide variety of courts positions our trial lawyers to effectively represent clients nationwide. 

Medical Malpractice Defense 

The health care industry faces legal complexity in an aggressive governmental enforcement environment.  Professionals face challenges from stricter and ever-changing regulations, consolidations in the industry, and hazardous liability issues.  Accordingly, health care professionals require accessible and knowledgeable legal advice to stay on top of the wide variety of issues that confront them on a daily basis.

The attorneys at Rodolf & Todd know the health care industry.  Our vast experience in this area allows us to meet unique client goals beyond mere technical legal advice.  We are well practiced in representing hospitals, physician groups, managed care organizations, post-acute and long-term care facilities and individual professionals.  We counsel and defend these clients in a variety of areas, including:  compliance and ethics matters, labor and employment issues, licensure and accreditation, HIPAA and EMTALA compliance and patients’ rights concerns, corporate governance, hiring and credentialing, provider and managed care contracting, medical staff issues and operational needs.  We know that the legal issues in the health care context can be treacherous to navigate alone.  The attorneys at Rodolf & Todd have the experience and knowledge necessary to successfully guide our clients through these issues.  

Our success in the area of health care is the result of, among many things, combining years of litigation experience with an extensive network of medical professionals to construct a relentless defense.  This unique depth of medical expertise represents our ongoing commitment to provide clients with quick accessible knowledge regarding the issues that concern them.  Rodolf & Todd is well equipped to define and defend against the complex legal issues that arise within the health care industry.

Employment Litigation

In advising clients in employment law, we recognize that effective representation requires careful statutory and regulatory analysis, knowledge of current legislative or judicial developments and the ability to defend when necessary.  Our experience in this area includes litigating wage disputes, defense of management and employers in a variety of cases, and matters involving EMTALA, HIPAA and COBRA.  In addition, our attorneys are familiar with minimizing risks in hiring, firing and disciplining employees.  

We believes that the best way to prevent litigation is to act before a claim arises.  To this end, our attorneys consult with employers and management personnel in the development of policies and programs to prevent misunderstandings between management and employees.  While many issues in this field require technical knowledge or daunting compliance requirements, our experience allows us to advise each client in a manner that is comprehensible.  Likewise, we tailor our services to meet each client’s specific needs, whether it be in matters such as insurance and risk management, employment contracts, regulatory compliance or employment decisions.

Trucking Law

Our firm provides a full range of legal services tailored to the transportation and logistics industry.  Specifically, the attorneys at Rodolf & Todd have extensive experience representing trucking companies and insurers in the defense of personal injury claims arising out of accidents, including catastrophic injury claims.  Our attorneys understand the critical importance of an immediate response to accidents in the transportation industry.  Through a combination of training, collaboration with other attorneys, and experience in various areas of the law, our attorneys offer transportation clients with intricate knowledge of the challenges faced by the transportation industry.  Using this multidisciplinary approach, our firm aggressively pursues the interests of our clients in a cost effective manner. 

Bad Faith Litigation

In the arena of bad-faith defense, Rodolf & Todd lawyers incorporate case law and court decisions that have defined the concept of “bad-faith” and use them to develop a robust defense for insurers. We defend a broad array of individual coverage and bad-faith cases, including some that are seeking large amounts of punitive damages. Rodolf & Todd has coordinated the national defense of institutional claim handling programs, and litigated coverage and abuse-of-process claims against insurers. We have achieved notable successes and our work has resulted in favorable outcomes for our clients.